Super foundations for modern milking

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Hentje 104 (s. Atlantic)

The August index run highlights the wide selection of bulls from CRV for building healthy, easy-to-manage herds with high lifetime production. Because producers set their breeding bars high, CRV is showcasing bulls with more than +200 NVI in this press release, with three bulls even above +300 NVI. These bulls are ready to lay a strong genetic foundation for modern dairy herds.

Delta Atlantic (Ramos x O Man, +308 NVI) is, internationally, the highest daughter tested bull in the NVI rankings. Currently the most popular CRV bull, he rose to a level well above +300 NVI. Atlantic is a top sire for health, fertility and longevity. He improved in those areas to 106 udder health, 105 fertility and 108 claw health, with a sky high score of +720 days for longevity. The type score of Atlantic also increased to 114 points, with 111 frame, 116 dairy strength, 108 udder and 111 legs.

In second place in the NVI ranking is a real efficient milk production specialist. Skalsumer Blitz (Paramount x O Man, +271 NVI) is the highest new daughter-proven bull in this index run and he is also the sire with the highest production index (Inet + € 413). Blitz daughters are tremendous dairy cows (+2,182 kg milk). Coming from the Skalsumer Pietje family, where once the famous CRV bull Sunny Boy originated from, Blitz transmits good longevity (+ 580 days). All in all Blitz is a bull that enables the herd to produce extreme amounts of fat and protein (+132 kg) in a sustainable way.

Emma 5418 (Blitz) from J. and A.G. Huijssoon-Holtland, Overschild

Emma 5418 (s. Blitz)


Newhouse Gofast (Goldwyn x O Man, +244 NVI) had his first daughter-proven figures for type in April, but he’s now got his production figures based on his daughters. His breeding values show that Gofast is a top sire with good production (+ 500kg) and positive milk solids. The type score of Gofast rises to a stunning 115 points with 112 frame, 110 dairy strength, 114 udder and 107 legs.

De Biesheuvel Javina 50 (Gofast) from A. Verploeg, Buurmalsen

De Biesheuvel Javina 50 (s. Gofast)


Delta Benedict (Ricky x O Man, +203 NVI) is a great bull for targeted improvement of fat (+0.40%) and protein content (+0.13%) in the milk and, therefore, the kilograms of fat and protein production that can be delivered from the herd. Benedict transmits good longevity (+364 days) and very healthy udders (103) and claws (106).

Sandra 114 (Benedict) van Peters Landbouwbedrijf BV, Bedum

Sandra 114 (s. Benedict)


New black and white talents for long and healthy production
Delta Cupido (Wonder x Paramount, +334 NVI) is CRV’s current supreme InSire genomic bull. He comes from a family where the cows achieve high lifetime production and he himself has an extremely high breeding value for longevity (+794 days). Cupido also offers substantial improvement in both udder (116) and udder health (111).

Delta Cupido van CRV

Delta Cupido, CRV


Vero Crown (Sudan x Goli, +304 NVI) is another highly ranked InSire. He combines a large milk inheritance (+1,366 kg) with a huge inheritance for kilograms of fat (+94 kg). This makes Crown an ideal bull to build an efficient, long-life herd (+574 days) with great udder health (107).

Camion van de Peul (Fender x Goldwyn, +270 NVI) breaks through in this index run as the highest daughter-tested red-and-white bull ever in the Netherlands and Flanders. Combined with an extreme score for longevity (+708 days), he is a bull not to be missed.
Before Camion had daughters he was already the most ‘in demand’ genomic (InSire) red-and- white CRV bull. His daughters now clearly show that producers who used him made an excellent choice. Coming from the famous Massia cow family, Camion delivers cows with very good type (110) and very good legs (112). Camion daughters also have very healthy udders (106) and claws (104).

Strijdje 189 (Camion) van J.+B.M. van Dee-Voorsluijs, IJzendoorn

Strijdje 189 (s. Camion)


Cherokee van de Peul (Fender x Goldwyn, +210 NVI) is the full brother of Camion and also a proven sire with high scores. Cherokee improves milk protein content (+0.14%) and sires daughters that will stay in the herd for a long time (Longevity score +507 days).

Annelies 35 (Cherokee) van mts. H. & T. & H. Heuven-Olthof, Haarle

Annelies 35 (s. Cherokee)


After a strong debut in April, Hjr Windstar (Spencer x O Man, +227 NVI) now rises to second place in the NVI rankings. With high longevity (+564 days), very good udder health (106) and fine claw health (103), Windstar supports building a healthy herd that is also easy to manage.

Anna 865 (HJR Windstar) van VOF Wesselink, Beilen

Anna 865 (s. Hjr Windstar)


New red and white talents for modern milking
Delta Sherlock RF (Fidelity x Paramount, +284 NVI) is a black-and-white InSire with red factor. On a red-and-white base, Sherlocks scores 318 NVI. For both red-and-white, as well as black-and-white herds, Sherlock can do a great job of improving type (114 total score, 112 udder, 114 legs) and also offers high production of kilograms of fat and protein.

Sherlock RC, CRV

Sherlock RC, CRV


A bull that also transmits large amounts of fat and protein is Texel Beauty Debutant (Dakker x Super, +292 NVI). Debutant is the highest red-and-white InSire. With a very high inheritance for milk (+1,817 kg), udder (113) and longevity (+564 days), producers can rely on cows that deliver high lifetime production.

Second-crop daughters confirm Kodak’s quality
Topspeed Kodak (Kevin x Stadel, +208 NVI) received his first figures from second-crop daughters in this index run. They maintain this extremely popular bulls performance at a good level, with a very high score for longevity (+622 days). Kodak delivers easy-to-manage and healthy cows that produce milk and stay in the herd for a long time, thanks to their healthy claws (104) and healthy udders (104).

Gert 21 (Kodak) van mts. Sijben-Lijten), Neerkant

Gert 21 ( s. Kodak)