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Top bulls that prove themselves time and again

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It is the balance between health and efficiency that makes CRV’s Fleckvieh breeding program unique as well. Important breeding values, therefore, come together in the CRV Health and CRV Efficiency indexes. These are new names, because CRV wants to make progress together with cattle farmers throughout the world.

This progress is demonstrated in this index run, in which frequently used bulls prove themselves, while surprising newcomers also reinforce the chart. CRV stands for healthy cows with a functional conformation that achieve excellent production with good components and…

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Proven performers and promising talent for Fleckvieh

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The entire world is feeling the impact of coronavirus. Beef and dairy farmers are also confronted with the effects every day, but continue to play their part in maintaining the continuity of food supplies worldwide.

We are immensely proud of these heroes! It is also business as usual for semen production and breeding value estimation. New, reliable breeding values that not only confirm the quality of daughter proven bulls but also reveal the promise of young bulls. Together with farmers, we like to work in harmony to create healthy and efficient herds.

Proven perfo…

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Varta daughter Cascade fleckvieh

Fleckvieh heads the rankings and confirms genomics

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CRV aims to contribute to a future-proof and sustainable dairy sector by helping farmers to breed healthy and efficient cows with CRV Fleckvieh. The results are a better life for the animals, added value for the farmers and respect for our environment. We are proud of our bulls, but above all proud of the farmers!
Former genomic bulls prove their worth
The highest ranking newcomer in this index run is the new number one, daughter proven Fleckvieh bull Varta. He was sired by Valeur, and his dam is a product of a Vogt x Winnipeg match. With +6% Better Life Efficiency and +5% Bet…

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index run

Fleckvieh bulls deliver high levels of health and efficiency

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A healthy herd makes a farmer’s life more pleasurable and profitable. April’s index run shows that a consistent breeding strategy certainly delivers the desired results. CRV has an interesting portfolio of Fleckvieh bulls that contribute to a healthy and efficient herd.

Young bulls, healthy fitness and efficient production
Helsinki (Herzschlag x Watt) is an extremely efficient bull with a TMI of 139, combined with plenty of milk production (+1373 kg) and great beef index(112). His daughters have good udders (117) and calve easily. If the focus is on health, look no f…

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Haribo daughter Angelika fleckvieh

CRV Fleckvieh bulls show excellent efficiency

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Traditionally, the December index turn shows few surprises. Genetic progress remains area of focus and consistent breeding yields results. Fleckvieh bulls demonstrate progress in breeding for health and efficiency and therefore great longevity. CRV has an interesting offer of proven and new Fleckvieh bulls. With a healthy and efficient herd, our farmers can look forward to a bright future.

Haribo’s first successful daughters
Haribo (Hutera x Rurex) is the second best newcomer in the Fleckvieh ranking with 127 TMI. The three dams in the pedigree produced the unbelieva…

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