Top bulls that prove themselves time and again

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Haribo daughter Anja 64 (50%FLV 50%HF); Mts. vd Noort-Borghuis, Markelo, the Netherlands

It is the balance between health and efficiency that makes CRV’s Fleckvieh breeding program unique as well. Important breeding values, therefore, come together in the CRV Health and CRV Efficiency indexes. These are new names, because CRV wants to make progress together with cattle farmers throughout the world.

This progress is demonstrated in this index run, in which frequently used bulls prove themselves, while surprising newcomers also reinforce the chart. CRV stands for healthy cows with a functional conformation that achieve excellent production with good components and that have just that little bit more muscle with Fleckvieh.


Confidence-inspiring bulls

Farmers continue to use veteran bull Raldi (GS Rau x Poldi) with confidence, thanks to his successful career of 11 years. Since he excels in the fitness traits of udder health (125) and longevity (115) and he is also suitable for maiden heifers, this is very understandable.
Haribo (Hutera x Rurex) also continues to be a sweet temptation with his combination of easy-to-milk daughters (120) with high production (+789 kg milk) and good feet & legs (110), udders (113) and excellent muscling (109). He has more than 6,500 daughters in milk production in Germany alone, and with good reason.


Surprising newcomers

Erzherzog (Ehrsam x Wattking) is a young genomics bull from an impressive cow family. His dam, grand dam and great grand dam are still milking and all yield more than 10,000 litres per lactation. His production transmission of +1,130 kg is hardly surprising, therefore. He combines this with a good beef index (113). He will breed somewhat larger cows (120) with a nice frame (117) and beautiful udders (134) that are firmly attached (129) with the front teats positioned slightly inwards (121).
Another newcomer is Marin Pp (Midwest x Mahango Pp). This heterozygous polled all-rounder has flawless conformation transmission (udder 112, feet and legs 112) and sufficient milk (+484 kg) with positive components (+0.22% fat, +0.06% protein). In addition, he will breed flawless daughters with a CRV health index of +7% due to good fertility (115) and udder health (112).


Efficiency top performers

The young genomics bull Habsburger (Hermelin x Wattking) comes from a famous dam line. Habsburger’s (still producing) grandmother is also the dam of Haribo and Icebreaker. Habsburger is the undisputed number 1 in udder transmission with a breeding value of 140. He excels in CRV Efficiency (+9%) due to the combination of milk inheritance (+719 kg milk) with good components (+0.05% fat, +0.02% protein), beef index (112) and longevity (124) .
Mond (Minor x Zepter) is also a bull that excels in longevity with premium milk (+0.15% fat and +0.03% protein) (126). In short, a real efficiency winner (+9% CRV Efficiency). He also combines this perfectly with super healthy udders (123) and fertility (116). His daughters will be medium-sized with excellent feet & legs and udders.
Another genomic newcomer filling the cash register with lots of milk (+1029 kg) and neutral levels is Virginia (Villeroy x Hubraum). The offspring of this bull that is suitable for maiden heifers (110) will show a good production increase per lactation (114). A really efficient dairy bull (+9% CRV Efficiency), but with that little bit of extra muscle (108 beef index).


Level is confirmed

The genomic Worldcup sons Wüstensohn (Worldcup x Raldi) and Westwind (Worldcup x Epinal) remain at a high level. Wüstensohn is a bull that suits every farmer because he has a good balance between health and efficient production. Indeed, with +949 kg of milk, he really produces incredible results in terms of kilos and combines this with healthy (somatic cell count 123), handsome udders (122) and good longevity (115). Westwind is at a similar level to his half-brother and distinguishes himself by its premium milk production (+0.13% fat, +0.10% protein). He also embodies CRV’s breeding goal by offering progress on both health (+5%) and efficiency (+8%). His daughters will also attract attention in the barn with their correct development (117), good muscling (110), nice udders (118) and excellent feet and legs (113).

CRV has a suitable offer for every farm and every ambition. Together with farmers, we strive for a healthy, problem-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk and guarantees a high lifetime production.