US CRV bulls boost efficient and easy herd management

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August boasted another exciting Holstein proof run for CRV genetics. This lineup of bulls permits producers greater flexibility in selection for a healthy herd that produces in an efficient way, allowing for higher profit margins.

New sire options
Making their debuts into the CRV lineup are some exciting new sire options boasting unique pedigrees.

tpi-paisleyPeak Tango Paisley (Tango x Numero Uno) is a bull excelling in improving fat percentages and siring fertile daughters with great udder health. He comes in at 2.533 GTPI, +3.4 DPR, and +0.11% fat. He passes on great efficiency (Better life Efficiency +7%) and he will support an easy to manage herd (Better Life Health +4%).



tpi-lemuelPeak Jabir Lemuel is a Jabir son from a Wrap and then a Garret. He really shows what an easy to manage herd is all about with a score of +7% for Better Life Health. This calving ease (4.7 SCE) bull is great for the heifer pen and has an interesting pedigree. He also has impressive daughter fertility at +4.0 DPR. Lemuel excels in component percentages at +0.11% fat and +0.05% protein. This results in +93 pounds of combined fat and protein with a very good efficiency (+6%).

Proven sire stability
tpi-bobbyPen-Col SS Bobby-ET (Supersire x Grafeeti) rose to 2635 GTPI and $829 NM. He excels in fat and protein combined at 149 pounds and is still +1.8 DPR. With a top score of +8% for better life efficiency, this bull is a fantastic option for improving the feed efficiency of any herd.



tpi-abelPeak Jerod Abel (Jerod x Mogul) is a real efficiency (+9%) and health (8%) specialist. He maintains his high ranking from April’s run, and is a good choice for building an efficiently producing herd. He sires +116 combined pounds of fat and protein with high percentages, and extremely fertile daughters at +3.0 DPR with great udder health.



tpi-clownAnother impressive star is EDG Clown (Mogul x Lavaman). He is another champion for both efficient production (+8%) and easy herd management (Better Life Health +8%).This Mogul son jumped to 136 combined fat and protein. This calving ease sire allows moderate frames, great components and offers over $800 CM.



tpi-grandSandy-Valley Grand (Mogul x Iota) saw pounds of milk rise to over 2000 lbs and combined fat and protein to over 120 lbs. He also passes on efficient milk production (+5%) and very good type (2.86 PTAT).