USA based holsteins offer the foundation for a healthy and efficient herd

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Anchorman (s. Hunter)

The April 2014 sire evaluations for CRV presented a strong set of bulls with a basis to building a long-lasting, healthy herd of cows that produces milk efficiently.

A new group of InSires joined the holstein lineup. Together with the proven sires they are showcasing a strong balance between production and health.

Increase efficiency with exciting new releases
New release Grand (Mogul x Altaiota) is an efficieny specialist with a Better Life Efficiency score of +8%. He has an impressive production transmission at +2200 milk and inherits well-attached udders at +2.82 UDC and GTPI +2389.

Two sons of CRV bull Hunter join the lineup with high components and high efficiency. Anchorman (Hunter x Goli) will be sure to produce high component milk with +0.10% fat and +0.05% protein. He is a high performer on the Better Life indexes ranking +8% for efficiency and +4% for health.

Lutron (Hunter x Mac) is an extreme fat producer (+0.21%) from well-attached udders at +66 lbs and +2.67 UDC. He ranks at +4% for health and +7% for efficiency.

Jones (Robust x Indiana) will add premium milk and efficiency to any herd with his extreme components at +168 lbs combined fat and protein and Better Life Efficiency score of +10%. Franchise (Supersire x Die Hard) will sire efficient daughters that have high lifetime production with a Better Life Efficiency score of +8%, PL of +5.6 and +1491 lbs Milk.

Red carrier Nemo P (Dakker x Ideal) is an efficiency expert at +9% Better Life Efficiency with +90 lbs combined fat and protein, and postive DPR and PL.

CRV’s proven sires continue to impress as they add more milking daughters. Predestine (Jetstream x Toystory) sires high volume production at +2584 lbs Milk, +2063 TPI and moderate frames. He will add efficiency to any herd with a Better Life Efficiency score of +8%.


Claytop TS Prefer, dam of Predestine

The right tools for a healthy herd
Craftsman (Large x Man O Man) is an all-around sire at +2362 GTPI. He presents a strong balance between health and production with high combined fat and protein at +119 lbs, +1.2 DPR and over +2 for UDC and FLC. He shows this balance in his Better Life Health at +5% and Better Life Efficiency at +6%.

Deluxe P (Mitey P x Shottle) will sire fertile, healthy daughters with a Better Life Health score of +8%, with a SCS of 2.60 and DPR of +0.9. Deluxe is heterozygous for polled.

usa-dam of deluxe p-PICSTON SHOTTLE ET_SHOTTLE IDA 6_48020

Shottle Ida 6, dam of Deluxe P

Returning InSire Pep Boy (Hill x Freddie) is a health superstar with a SCE of 6.4, +6.7 PL, and +2.1 DPR, ranking him at +5% on the Better Life Health index.

Proven sire Atlantic (Ramos x O Man) is the highest bull in the CRV lineup for Better Life Health index at +11% due to his high DPR at +1.9, PL at +3.4 and low SCS at +2.67. His daughters will help produce high quality premium milk with his component percentages at +0.07% fat and +0.12% protein.

atlantic daughters

Atlantic daughters


Explanation about CRV’s Better Life figures

Better Life Efficiency
As a general rule, productivity combined with longevity leads to high efficiency. A bull with a score of +5% generates a financial gain of $335 per cow life in an average herd. Milk production and longevity are particularly important in calculating Better Life Efficiency, but persistency, maturity rate, fertility and weight are also taken into account in the calculation.

Better Life Health
Using bulls with a high score for Better Life Health has the advantage that the herd becomes easier to manage and that cows stand a better chance of ageing healthily. Better Life Health is calculated on the basis of a bull’s genetic capacity in terms of udder health, fertility, hoof health, calving ease and calf vitality. A bull with a score of +5% generates a financial gain of $95 per cow per year in an average herd.