Vero Startrek highest new daughter proven bull in the Netherlands and Flanders

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Delta Lotte 2, daughter of Vero Startrek. Owner: Leenaars VOF, Hooge Zwaluwe

The August index run shows CRV bulls that make herds healthier and more efficient. The speed of genetic progress keeps accelerating and farmers are reaping the benefits. Nowadays, farm management has become even more key to profitable farming.

Herd advisors give specific advice that helps choose sires that suit the goal’s individual farmers are attempting to achieve with their herds, whether this is increasing the components, increasing the kilos of fat and protein, or other goals. After this index run, there is another wide choice of bulls at CRV that can help boost the financial results on dairy farms.


New daughter proven bulls

Moving into pole position among the daughter proven bulls with daughters in the Netherlands and Flanders is Apina Malcolm RF. Daughters of Malcolm RF are highly productive (+416 Inet) and have super legs (113 legs). Occupying third place is former InSire Top bull Vero Startrek – who is also the highest newcomer on the list. Startrek daughters are exceptionally productive (+375 Inet) and have super, healthy udders (112 udders, 106 udder health). As it is based on 531 productive daughters, Startrek’s breeding value is already highly reliable. Startrek is a descendant of the Sneeker cow family and his pedigree notes six generations of dams who produced an average of 88,000kg of milk. Vero Suzanne 6, Startrek’s dam, is currently on her fifth lactation and has produced more than 80,000kg of milk with 3.61% protein to date.


Delta Berber (s. Malcolm RF), owner: Melkveehouderij van der Wijk-van Pagee, Boijl


In the shape of Weelder Solution and Koepon General CRV has added two outcross bulls to the portfolio. Solution also has a distinctive aAa-code (513642) and General will give herd health an extra boost (107 udder health, 103 daughter fertility and 107 claw health).

In the red-and-white segment, the name of heterozygote, polled bull Delta Fun P stands out. The striking traits offered by Fun P of production (336 Inet) and great type (111 conformation) are reflected in the cow family. Fun P’s dam, Caudumer Lol 306 PP Red, will shortly be calving for the fourth time and has already produced more than 61,000kg of milk in three lactations. She also scores 91 points for conformation and 92 points for her fantastic udders. Fun P also has the same transmission pattern: copious milk with amazing conformation. Attractive heifers with an open build with great legs and phenomenal udders. Barendonk Holsteins is home to a productive polled Delta Jester daughter out of Lol 306 PP. This heifer also exemplifies the power of the Lol cow family; classified with 87 points, champion heifer at the cattle breeding day in Asten-Heusden and an outstanding milk producer with a lactation value of 112.

Daughters of Delta Fun P, From l to r: ‘t Lons Vlak Linde 1, ‘t Lons Vlak Linde 2, ‘t Lons Vlak Linde, owners: Alders VOF,

Magister sons

Sons of the popular InSire Top bull Delta Magister are starting to appear in the top flight of the (international) listings. Sadly the number one on the list, Delta Recruiter, recently died in an accident, but with names such as Delta Vineyard and Delta Fitness, Magister’s reputation as a bull sire will be given enough opportunities to shine. Both his sons pass on good production (453 and 344 Inet resp.) and longevity (612 and 702 days resp.). Just like Magister, Vineyard also has a very unusual aAa-code (165234) and with 158 RZG, his other son Delta Fitness ranks among the upper echelons of young bulls in Germany. Fitness is also a widely used bull sire in Germany now too. Black-and-white Delta Lunar and red-and-white Delta Popcorn-Red are two interesting options for farmers keen to improve the conformation of their herds. Both bulls combine great production with stellar udders, good legs and a high score for overall conformation.


Delta Popcorn Red (s. Carnival)

Top production

For farmers with a focus on production, there are plenty of choices to improve the kilos of protein and fat produced by the herd. The main contenders here are red-and-white Delta Jacuzzi-Red and black-and-white Delta Castor and Delta Joy. All three bulls, based on black-and-white, have more than 500 euro Inet partnered with generous milk production and a positive protein percentage. Bulls that pass on nice extras in the form of the fat and protein percentages are currently in high demand. This is a logical consequence of Dutch phosphate legislation, whereby the kilos of milk produced by the herd on average determine the phosphate production standard per cow. Aiming for higher components is also worthwhile in Flanders as it results in a higher milk price. To make it easier for farmers to choose the right bull for their goals, CRV will be issuing a special bull chart this autumn showing bulls that score high for components.